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Working at Console

Console Services offers a wide range of professional opportunities in operational and functional roles. With us, you can expect personal development opportunities, international exposure, as well as safe and attractive working conditions. Because we believe that our 8,000 employees will help us fulfill our aspirations: customer satisfaction, operational excellence, innovation, and integrity.


Our working philosophy

We have open and candid communications with our clients, founded on mutual trust, honesty, and reliability. Our management team is awesome – customer-minded representatives who work hard to help your team succeed. Let us introduce you to our core values that set us apart.


Champions on the job.

Reliability is built equally on credibility and responsiveness. Our customers can count on us because we know what we’re talking about and we’re always there to urgently deliver on what we say we’re going to do. We are thorough communicators, which keeps everyone in the loop. True champions don’t take shortcuts. We don’t point fingers, either. We take personal ownership of our responsibilities. And, we are energized by the small victories along the way.


Working toward the next win.

Victory has a sweet taste, but a short expiration date. That’s why we are constantly hungry for our next opportunity. A new partnership. A chance to do more of what we love. Projects aren’t trophies meant to be observed. They are our resume…our body of work. Finishing great projects at or above client expectations ensures that we will be in demand in new markets. And remain in full control of our own destiny.


What we offer

Working at Console is a great opportunity for our employees to find answers to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the construction industry by developing solutions for more sustainable urbanization and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

 We offer excellent working conditions, including:


Who we are

 It is our 8,000 employees who create value for our customers and ensure our business success. They are also the achievers who can help us reach our aspirations and become the company we want to be:


Why work with us?


Things you can always expect from Console:


Address: 2025, Willingdon Ave#1110, Burnaby, BC V5C 0J3, Canada

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Email: info@consoleservices.ca

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