• CNC Machining– Our captive machining capability provides accurate, reliable components for our customers.
  • Wire EDM– This industry-first department provides high-precision cutting for metal components. 
  • Metrology– These high-tech software-based inspection services ensure precise and accurate parts.
  • Laser Trimming– Six-axis equipment ensure precise fit and smooth edges on all parts.
  • Prototyping– Rapid prototyping demonstrates part viability before production.
  • Low-volume Production Stamping– Stamping can supplement the production process and provide customer cost savings.


Console captive CNC machining capability ensures the accuracy and quality of all the parts used in our tooling systems.  Using advanced technology, we can machine all die components to the tightest tolerances, so they fit precisely and perform exactly as promised. In-house machining also means we can offer quick turnaround on tooling, without compromising quality. 

We offer customers a unique combination of advanced machining technology and technical leadership. Our machinists are highly skilled and experienced, with the advanced training required for the demanding industries we serve.

With our ability to integrate 3D designs directly to CNC machines, Console provides efficient and accurate programming of CNC cutter paths. Finally, by using machine cells with palletization and process standardization, we can guarantee accurate, efficient and cost-effective solutions.


Console demonstrated industry leadership by being the first tooling manufacturer to add an in-house Wire EDM capability for very precise cuts and shapes from hardened steels.  Our highly trained, innovative Wire EDM programmers and operators are familiar with the needs of a variety of different industries. They make sure all components are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and fit precisely in the tool. 


Rapid, high accuracy measurement of tool and die parts are a key component of the tooling manufacturing process. Our state-of-the-art computerized tooling inspection and measurement resources enable us to produce the most precise, effective tools on the market. Our technical experience, leadership and commitment to exceptional customer service allows Console to provide the latest tooling technology to fit any unique need.

Our full-service quality control lab includes the following tooling & die production equipment:

  • UG NX CAD Workstations- advanced software used for design and engineering analysis during the tooling design & production processes
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines- to ensure the most accurately sized tools are produced for your unique application
  • Blue Light Optical Scanner & Portable Measuring Arm- Useful when needing to access larger, immobile items

This equipment enables us to inspect all aspects of the tooling systems produced. This also verifies that complex parts are geometrically precise and created exactly to the correct specifications. Console Tool's software systems employ diverse reporting capabilities, so that detailed reporting can be provided on the inspection of tool & die parts throughout the manufacturing process.


Console 6-axis equipment provides accurate laser-trimming of parts, including complex prototypes and early parts. This enables part-testing, evaluation, or short-run production.  Whether our customer requires prototype tooling, early parts or short-run laser trim production, we have the expertise and technology to meet the need.


Thanks to advanced technology at Console Tool & Die, we are able to incorporate quick, accurate prototype development and early parts in our complete customer solution. Using simulation software, we can perform feasibility analysis prior to manufacturing, ensuring part quality. We can then test and validate the hard-tooling process prior to the final design – saving time and money, while providing early parts if needed.


As a value-added service to our customers, Console offers precise stamping for low-volume part production. We specialize in complex and intricate components, including deep-draw parts. Whether customers need parts to supplement production, or do not have the ability to produce themselves, Console ensures that stamped parts always meet or exceed expectations.



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