Project Development

Console Energy Services provides services for development of power projects from concept to commissioning. It includes;

1) Pre Feasibility Study

2) Detailed Project Report

3) Environmental Studies

4) Assistance in obtaining various permits and clearances

5) Assistance in financial closing

  • Detailed Project Report
  • Environmental Studies
  • Prefeasability


Detailed Project Report

The Detailed Project Report includes complete technical and financial profile of the power plant and list out the statutory clearances required to be obtained. The following information is included in the DPR:

  • General information like location of the power plant
  • Meteorological data, accessibility to site by rail and road
  • Justification as to why the proposed generation scheme is needed vis-à-vis
  • Load-Generation balance studies
  • Least cost option study for various fuel alternatives and sources of supply,
  • source of water and source of plant and equipment
  • Energy absorption plan indicating average yearly generation and dispatch arrangement.
  • Energy evacuation plan with a brief write-up on the associated transmission/evacuation system involving construction of new lines as required.
  • Financial and executing capabilities like resources available with the promoter and proposed to be deployed for the successful execution of the project.
  • Plant technical features containing layout, generating equipment, electrical equipment, control & instrumentation system.
  • Civil works of the plant
  • Environmental aspects
    • Emission level
    • Effluent treatment
    • Fly ash management
    • Environment monitoring
    • Resettlement and rehabilitation
    • Forest clearance
  • Project execution & management
  • Cost estimates and financial analysis including basis of the cost estimates, assumptions regarding customs/excise duty, sales tax, escalation, exchange rate etc., funding pattern, source of funding, rate of interest, period of repayment, interest during construction, depreciation calculation etc.
  • Statutory clearances as required to the project


Environmental Studies

Console Energy Services undertakes various environmental studies required for development of projects which are;

  • Environmental impact assessment study
  • Geo-technical investigation/Soil investigation
  • Topographic survey
  • Hydrological studies
  • Assistance in obtaining various clearances

Console Energy Services provides assistance in obtaining various statutory clearances as under:

  • Water availability
  • Pollution clearance – water & air
  • Environmental & Forest Clearance
  • Civil aviation clearance for chimney height
  • Rehabilitation & Resettlement of displaced families
  • Land availability
  • Fuel linkages
  • Transportation of fuel
  • Clearances from Archeological Dept.
  • Consent of respective Owner for the development of project site and township site.
  • Import license and formalities
  • Tariff approval



Pre Feasibility Study/Feasibility Study is done in identification of probable sites for locating power plants. This includes focus on;

  • Site selection and details
  • Availability, Cost, Composition and arrangement for fuel
  • Availability of cooling water
  • Infrastructure facilities near the site
  • Socio-economic aspects related to land use
  • Suitability of geo-technical and topographic conditions
  • Power evacuation and interconnection with the grid
  • Likely environmental constraints and requirements


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