For many years, Console Services has stood for professional, expert energy services. As part of the Energy Business of Console, projects are carried out in many different areas. These include engineering services in the construction, renovation and modernization of all types of fossil fuel-fired power plants, nuclear power plants & renewable energies, plant management services, and IT solutions to optimize costs and processes. Console Services benefits especially from the decades of experience it gained worldwide in the operation of Console power plants and plants owned by third parties. The design engineer with operating experience is Console Services.

Console Services power plant engineering is in demand throughout the world. Console Services designs and operates power plants apart from renovating, modernizing and optimizing existing power plants. Console Services software is an integral part of many new power plants. Console  Services is the supplier of choice for flue gas treatment systems. Here, Console Services operates the world's most advanced regeneration plant for power station catalysts.

1. Energy Technologies

2. Operations and Maintenance

3. Plant Services

4. Renewable Energies

5. System Technologies

6. Training & Advisory Services

7. Project Development



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