Plant Services

The Plant Services working with high professionalism and using the latest diagnostic tools and techniques endeavor to provide total satisfaction of the diverse needs of power plants.

  • Energy Auditing
  • Performance Testing
  • Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Support
  • Diagnostic Study & Testing
  • Residual Life Assessment (RLA) / Condition Assessment (CA)


Energy Auditing

Our energy audits meet the standards. Audits are performed by certified auditors using a complete set of high accuracy instruments. Simulation of the sub systems is done using appropriate software and thermodynamic analysis. Online system monitoring and cross verification of system combustion and mill analysis is done to ensure full advantages being derived from energy audit

Performance Testing

Performance testing of new as well as old power plants is done using the latest performance test instruments meeting the standards of PTC, JIS and IEC. We conduct performance evaluation and guarantee tests for sub critical and supercritical power plants as also, hydro-electric plants

  • Performance Evaluation Test for boiler, turbine and auxiliaries conforming to international codes. Appropriate calibrated measuring instruments and data logging systems as specified in the codes are available and used for such tests
  • Benchmarking tests also carried out using existing plant measuring instruments and simulating plant performance on software
  • Laboratory testing


Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Support

We provide expert field supervisory services for pre-commissioning / commissioning supports for all types of power plants

Commissioning support for all design and rating of power plants. This includes supervision by experts in the area of turbine and auxiliaries, boiler and auxiliaries, coal handling, ash handling, effluent systems, water systems, cooling tower, electrical system, I&C system etc.


Diagnostic Study & Testing

The performance testing, NDT analysis and gap analysis assist the power plants to identify and assess variations in performance caused by changing environment and input fuel variation. The sub system simulation identifies the controllable and uncontrollable parameters whose management could lead to reduction in the variable cost of power generation. The combustion optimization and simulation tools are used to create a virtual power plant model and enhance the operating potential of the plant.

Steam path audit enables estimation of the amount of leakages and loss of thermal energy whose control could raise power output.


Residual Life Assessment (RLA) / Condition Assessment (CA)

We conduct Residual Life Assessment studies and Renovation & Modernization studies for sub critical and supercritical power plants

Studies based on appropriate destructive and non-destructive testing procedures, examination of operational history combined with in depth knowledge and database of design improvements to suit conditions. Clients provided with recommendations with cost benefit analysis for life extension and performance improvement.


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