Our 3D CAD Modeling utilizes both Siemens NX and CATIA software to create complex product surfaces supporting Simulation and Design processes. Console can also 'Reverse Engineer' CAD model, detail components and part product geometry from data provided from our ATOS blue light scanner. Console also provides product design services in CAD, typically a service addressing product feasibility issues during the Simulation process. This technology allows us to test and validate the complete design before we ever begin manufacturing the tool. Console’s 3D CAD Modeling ensures the most efficient and total cost effective process of designing robust and production-ready metal stamping dies.

From concept to completion, our 3D modeling and CAD team uses Siemens NX (Unigraphics) software to develop a proven tool design that will perform in our customer’s manufacturing process. This means we are able to test and validate the complete design prior to tool manufacturing. It also ensures that prototype tooling and early parts are designed for cost efficiency and tested for part validity.




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